Special Polygon True HEPA Air Purifier AP-M1336

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  • CADR: 221m'/h /130 CFM +10% (AHAM Standard)
  • Noise: 50dB
  • Dimension:: 225 x 225 x 362.5 mm
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    Special Polygon True HEPA Air Purifier AP-M133X

    360° Air Flow

    Enjoy thorough purification with the 360° design that pulls in air from all sides.


    Breathe Cleaner Air, Live Better.

    Experience allergy relief and enhanced air quality with the True HEPA air purifier.

    Pet Fur 丨 Pollen & Dander 丨 Unpleasant Odors


    Common Air Pollutants

    Pollen  I   Dust   I  Pet Danger  I  Pet Fur  I  Lint  丨 Parts of Smoke 丨 Odors丨 Fumes


    3- Stage Flitration

    Multiple Filtration Levels for Vigorous Air Cleaning Trap and destroy pollutants layer by layer 

    Pre-filter :1st level - Pre-filter traps larger particles and extends filter life

    H13 Grade HEPA:2nd level - H13 Grade HEPA Removes 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 µm

    Activated Carbon:3rd level - Activated Carbon Reduces unpleasant odors from pets, smoke, cooking fumes


    Principle of the activated carbon filter

    1. odors are adsorbed.

    2. Harmless molecules are formed as pollutants break down.

    3. The activated carbon filter locks molecules in.


    Pure Air For You And Your Pets

    Create a healthier environment for you and your pets with fresh air.

    To purify space

    108      215       323      431 ft2    

    It takes only

    7        13        20      27 min.


    Air Quality Monitoring

    Four-Color light display by dust sensor.


    Peaceful Sleep Mode

    Wake up to a fresh room with whisper-quiet operation at 26 dB.


    Child Lock

    Keep Controls Secure and Prevent Unintended Settings to Ensure Child Safety



    The built-in handle makes the air purifier easily portable for convenient movement and use in various locations.


    User- Friendly

    The bottom cover rotation for filter replacement is simple and intuitive, requiring no complex tools or complicated procedures.


    Product Details


    Here are some additional color options that may be available for air purifiers.




    Technical Specificatio

    Product name Special Polygon True HEPA Air Purifier AP-M1336
    Model AP-M1336
    Dimension 225 * 225 * 362.5mm
    CADR 221m³/h±10%


    Noise Level ≤50dB
    Room Size Coverage 20㎡
    Filter Life 4320 hours
    Optional Function ION、UV、WIFI
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