Home Office Fast Air Clean Quiet Multifunctional Air Purifier for Large Room

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  • CADR: 374m³/h±10% 220cfm±10%
  • Noise: 26~50dB
  • Dimension: 264*264*461mm
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    Made for all types of rooms

    CADR up to 220CFM (374m³/h)
    Room size coverage: 341 ft² / 45㎡

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    Compact Design but Aggressive Performance Fresh Air, Minutes Away

    Breathe easy with our advanced air purifier, which fights a wide range of indoor pollutants including dust, allergens, bacteria, gases, and more. Its innovative technology filters out impurities to ensure the best possible quality of your indoor air. With fast and efficient air changes every hour, you'll enjoy consistently pure air that promotes a healthier, happier lifestyle.
    - 15.3 in a 108ft2 (10m2) room - 7.7 in a 215ft2 (20m2) room
    - 5.1 in a 323ft2 (30m²) room - 3.8 in a 431 ft2 (40m²) room

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    Still suffering from indoor pollutants?

    Designed to tackle a wide range of indoor allergens and irritants, our air purifier provides a reliable solution to dust mites, harmful substances, and pollen, as well as unpleasant odors, smoke, and fur. Its effective filtration system ensures that your indoor air remains clean and healthy, delivering a happier and healthier lifestyle for all.

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    Experience the ultimate indoor comfort and safety with our innovative air purifier, designed to filter out dust, pollen, bacteria, and airborne particles down to 0.3 micrometers (µm). Its powerful filtration system ensures clean, fresh air for you and your family, promoting optimal health and wellbeing.

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    Annoyed by pet dander everywhere?

    With the help of our trusty assistant, you can reap the rewards of deepening your furry partnership and building stronger, more meaningful partnerships.

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    Vital Multiple Levels Air Cleaning System Traps and destroys pollutants layer by layer

    With its H13 grade HEPA filter, our assistant is able to remove up to 99.97% of the smallest particles in the air, ensuring you breathe well and stay healthy.

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    Dynamic 360° All-around Air Intake Delivers Clean Air in Every Direction

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    Easy-to-use Control Panel is clear at a glance

    With a responsive and user-friendly design, our assistant is effortless to operate and can be customized to your liking, making it an ideal addition to any home or office.

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    Intuitive 4-color Lights Make Air Quality Visible

    The assistant's display screen offers a clear and detailed overview of its operating status, with a color-coded system that makes it easy to assess its performance at a glance. Blue signals excellent performance, yellow indicates good performance, orange represents fair performance, and red suggests poor performance.

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    Child Lock

    Press and hold the button for 3 seconds, you can enable or disable our child lock function. This feature is essential to prevent accidental adjustments and keep your kids safe while exploring your device.

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    Sleep easy, Sleep sound

    Activate Sleep Mode to turn off lights and get non-disturbing sleep all night
    Sleep mode: 26dB

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    Original Stylish Fabric Pattern Texture

    Not just a machine any more!
    The elegant fabric pattern texture turns the air purifier into a decoration for your home without trouble of cleaning like fabrics.

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    By one rotation with the bio-fit grip, it is easy to replace the filter

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    Technical Specification

    Product name

    High Performance Cylinder Air Purifier









    40W±10% (depends on features)

    Noise Level


    Room Size Coverage

    341 ft² / 45㎡

    Filter Life

    4320 hours

    Optional Function

    Wi-Fi version with Tuya App, Display Screen to easy understand work status,ION


    4.7kg (depends on features)

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    20FCL: 448pcs, 40'GP: 952pcs, 40'HQ: 1190pcs

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