Convenient to carry AP-M1330L and AP-H2229U

With the development of modern society and the increasing industrial activities, the air quality in our living environment is visibly declining. Therefore, in modern society, we can observe a rising number of patients suffering from diseases such as rhinitis, pneumonia, skin diseases, etc., caused by the deterioration of air quality. Hence, owning an air purifier is indispensable for our daily lives.

The AP-M1330L and AP-H2229U air purifiers, with their unique designs, can not only efficiently purify the air around you but also add a touch of style to your space with their sleek decagon design.

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The ten-sided design of these two models creates clean and bold lines, showcasing the owner’s decisive personality wherever they are placed. With the addition of faux leather handles, it cleverly addresses the issue of traditional models causing hand cuts during relocation. Equipped with handles, these air purifiers can be effortlessly carried to any location, ensuring that the surrounding air remains fresh at all times.

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Let’s introduce the AP-M1330L and AP-H2229U:

Unlike the complicated and cumbersome filter replacement design of traditional models, these two models utilize a bottom rotation base cover. By simply rotating the bottom cover to open it, the filter can be easily removed and replaced, making the process convenient and minimizing the risk of damaging the filter.

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The filtration function of an air purifier is crucial.

The filter part of these two purifiers consists of pre-filter PET mesh + H13 HEPA + activated carbon (optional + negative ions for AP-H2229U), which can effectively filter out solid particles, smoke, dust, and odors in the air, comprehensively purifying the air, ensuring the health and freshness of the air around the user, and suitable for all common household layouts.

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Their operation principle involves intake air purification from bottom vents and releasing filtered fresh air from the top. With 360° all-round airflow, they cover a larger area without leaving blind spots. Additionally, the units are designed with memory function, understanding the user’s habits to eliminate the hassle of repeated resets.

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The circular composite filter core, more efficient than traditional flat filter cores, has a lifespan 50% longer and a efficiency rate of over 3 times higher. When calculated based on 6 hours of daily operation, it can be used for approximately 300 days.

In addition, the AP-H2229U is equipped with ultraviolet UVC light to capture and kill bacteria, with a sterilization rate exceeding 99.9%. Meanwhile, the AP-M1330L offers the optional feature of ultraviolet UVC.

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The air purifiers feature multiple fan speeds (I, II, III, IV) and timer settings (2, 4, 8 hours), allowing users to adjust them according to their needs. The maximum noise level at the highest speed does not exceed 48dB, while the minimum noise level is no higher than 26dB, ensuring quiet operation and minimizing disturbance to the user.

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Dust sensor + Air quality indicator lights (equipped in AP-H2229U, optional in AP-M1330L):

Four-color air quality indicator lights (blue, yellow, orange, red) provide sensitive responses, allowing users to easily understand the air quality at a glance.

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The new trends and innovations in the air purification field include the option to install WiFi in these two purifiers, allowing remote control via the Tuya app. This enables users to monitor and adjust the machine’s operation in real-time even when they are not in close proximity to the purifier.

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When addressing the challenges of modern living, ensuring clean and healthy indoor air is crucial. Air purifiers play an indispensable role in providing effective filtration and purification solutions for homes, workplaces, and public spaces. By understanding the principles of air purification, evaluating different types of purifiers, and considering key factors in the selection process, individuals can make informed decisions to protect respiratory health and enhance quality of life.

Post time: Apr-15-2024