Comefresh Corporate Culture


Honesty, pragmatism, innovation, enthusiasm, win-win respect.


Jing Tian, lover, honesty, integrity, gratitude, altruism, hard work, enterprising, selfless, innovative and efficient.


Realize the material and spiritual well-being of all families and make contributions to improving human health at the same time.


Become the most trusted brand of healthy small household appliances, and strive to improve the quality of human happy life.

Article 12 Of Operation

1. Clarify the mission of universal love and dream
2. Do good deeds, think altruistic, respect heaven and love others
3. Make no less efforts than anyone
4. Be grateful and reliable
5. Be caring and kind to your family
6. Adhere to the principles of being human

7. Adhere to fairness, justice, win-win coexistence
8. Insist on serving the happiness of the team without seeking personal interests
9. Always adhere to the super positive energy mentality
10. Insist on maximizing sales and minimizing costs
11. Insist that products represent Chinese quality
12. Adhere to two centers and one basic point

Business Philosophy

1. Insist on what is right to be a person (clarify the values followed by all OLAM people).
2. Insist on what is right as an enterprise (clarify the mission of Comefresh's existence).
3. Comefresh characteristics.
4. Enterprise spirit (I can, no impossible!).


Business Practice

1. One basic point: focus on improving the core competitiveness of the company in terms of quality, cost and innovation.
2. Two centers: internally meeting production plans and externally meeting customer needs.
3. Quality is the fundamental to achieve the mission, and technological innovation is the driving force to achieve the mission (innovation should be beneficial to others, society and people's happiness).
4. Pay attention to details and pursue efficiency (maximize sales and minimize costs).
5. Promote effective managers.

Three Core Elements


Pay Attention To Contribution Results

business results determine management effectiveness


Concentrate On The Most Important Things

plan achievement, quality, cost, innovation


Improve Work Skills And Execution

strong execution makes management effective