Compact Thermo-electric Peltier Dehumidifier for Car, Hotel, Household, Home, Office Dehumidifying Dehumidification CF-5810

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Compact Dehumidifier

It is important that each space is free of mold. Mold and fungi can cause damage to the areas they inhabit and trigger allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Excessive moisture in the environment provides a breeding ground for biological contaminants. The key to solving this problem is to eliminate sources of moisture to prevent mold growth. By doing so, the space will remain mold-free and promote a healthy living environment.

The CF-5810 Dehumidifier from Comefresh is a specially designed technology to ensure that small indoor areas such as bathrooms, basements, closets or libraries do not have excess moisture that could trigger mold growth and damage your home’s infrastructure.  Thermo electric Peltier technology guarantees protection of your indoor air quality while generating fresh, clean and dry air for optimum comfort all year round. With this dehumidifier, you can enjoy a mold-free environment with peace of mind.

  • Water Capacity: 2L
  • Dehumidication Rate: 600ml/h
  • Noise: ≤48dB
  • Dimension: 230x138x305mm
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    Ideal for Small Space

    This compact and stylish dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms, cubicles, basements, closets, libraries, storage rooms, sheds, RVs, campers and more. Its space-saving design ensures it can be conveniently placed almost anywhere without taking up too much valuable floor space. Its efficient dehumidification ability ensures the removal of excess moisture in the air, providing you with a comfortable and healthy living environment.


    Benefits of Thermoelectric Peltier Technology

    This dehumidifier has a lightweight and portable design, making it easy to move and use in various areas of your home. Plus, it runs on the lowest power consumption so you can save on energy bills. Its advanced technology ensures that it runs quietly, which means you can enjoy the benefits of your dehumidifier without any annoying noise.


    LED indicator light

    During normal operation, LED indicator light in blue.
    When water tank is full or removed, the Power indicator light will turn red and the unit will automatically stop operation.


    This dehumidifier has an automatic shut-off function after 4, 8 or 12 hours, saving you energy and giving you more control over its use. By shutting off after a specified number of hours, it prevents unnecessary energy consumption, further saving on electricity bills. This feature also gives you more flexibility in managing your dehumidifier usage, allowing you to set it for a specific duration and then forget about it. The end result is a more efficient and convenient dehumidification experience,

    2 Fan Speed Modes

    Our dehumidifiers now give you even more flexibility with their low and high settings. Night mode, equivalent to a low setting, allows for quieter operation and power savings, perfect for use at night or when you're trying to sleep. On the other hand, the Quick Dry mode or the High setting allow for faster, more powerful dehumidification, perfect for when you need to remove moisture from a room quickly. With these updated settings, you can choose the ideal level of dehumidification to suit your needs, making our dehumidifiers even more flexible and versatile.


    Removable Water Tank

    Easy to drain the water, with a lid to prevent spillage when transporting.

    Continuous Drainage Option

    A hose can be attached to the hole on water tank for continuous drainage.

    Convenient water Tank Handle

    Helpful for easy taking out and carry the tank

    Energy Efficient

    With lower power consumption only 75W to operate and is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly dehumidifiers in its class.

    Parameter & Packing Details

    Model Name Compact Peltier Dehumidifier
    Model No. CF-5810
    Product dimension 230x138x305mm
    Tank capacity 2L
    Dehumdification(Testing condition: 80%RH 30 ℃) 600ml/h
    Power 75W
    Noise ≤48dB
    Safety Protection - When Peltier overheating will stop operation for safety protection. when temperature recovery will auto operate- Automatically stop operation when tank is full for safety protection and with red indicator
    Loading q’ty 20': 1368pcs  40': 2808pcs  40HQ: 3276pcs

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