Compact Mini Peltier Dehumidifier for Car, Hotel, Household, Home, Office Dehumidifying Dehumidification with Adaptor CF-5700

Short Description:

Compact Dehumidifier

Excessively humid air in your indoor area can cause or increase the growth of various pathogenic pests, including mould and mildew. The Comefresh Compact Dehumidifier is designed to remove excess moisture from small indoor area as like bathroom, basement, closet, library.

With Thermo electric Peltier technology, the CF-5800 Dehumidifier gives the added assurance of protecting indoor air quality and preventing damage to your home’s infrastructure caused by excessive humidity. It helps to generate fresh, dry air back into your home to give you better comfort all year round.

  • Water Capacity: 0.8L
  • Dehumidication Rate: Approximately 300ml/h
  • Noise: ≤34dB
  • Dimension: 158(L) x136(W) x237 (H) mm
  • Product Detail

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    Compact design

    Light weight thermo-electric Peltier module with no compressor


    One power switch design, easy to operate


    Ideal for Small Space

    With small design, it is ideal for use in small spaces like bathroom, small bedroom, basement, closet, wardrobe, library, storage unit and shed, RV’s, camper and etc…

                                                                                                                                                     Air inlet


                                                                                                                                                                  Air outlet

    Water Tank Full Indicator

    When the tank is full, the dehumidifier will stop working, the indicator will turn red, notifying you to empty the water tank.

    Removable water tank

    Designed to be easy to remove and carry, and has a lid to prevent spillage when transporting. With 800ml capacity to ensure continuous dehumidifying without the need for constant emptying.

    Continuous Drainage Option

    Can also be used with a hose attached to water tank for continuous drainage.

    CF-5700-4 CF-5700-5

    Parameter & Packing Details

    Product name

    Compact Mini Dehumidifier with Adaptor




    158(L) x136(W) x237 (H) mm

    Water capacity


    Dehumidifying rate

    (Testing condition: 30℃, 80%RH)

    Approximately 300ml/h

    Rated voltage

    DC 9V for Humidifier

    AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz for Adaptor



    Operation noise


    Product Weight

    Approx 1.0 KG

    Safety protection

    Automatically stop operation when tank is full for safety protection with red indicator

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    20': 2688pcs  40': 5568pcs  40HQ: 6264pcs


    Specialized for optimum solution for healthy and comfortable indoor climate

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