New Design Home Night Light Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier with Magnetic Suspension Technology for Bedroom Large Room Office Healthcare CF-2036T

Short Description:

  • Water Capacity: 3L
  • Moisture Output: 300±20%ml/h
  • Noise: ≤30dB
  • Dimension: 188*188*243mm
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    Magnetic suspension type water adding with Global INVENTION patent

    Benefits of top fill humidifier

    Easy to fill

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    Easy to clean

    Detachable top cover with access to completely clean every corner of tank inner surface


    Mood light

    7 colors alternating or fixed atmoshperic light
    It can emit 7-color romantic atmosphere lights which creates a comfortable and peaceful environment for your bedroom and office.


    Powerful mist output


    L    M     H

    With 2.4MHz transducer to generate more fine mist without wet floor problem




    2.4MHz without wet desktop problem


    1.7MHz with wet desktop problem


    2.4MHz transducer: More fine mist which can be delivered into room air faster and humidify the indoor air more even.


    1.7MHz transducer: Compared to 2.4MHz, the particle of water droplet is bigger which humidification speed is slower.

    Aroma Tray

    With aroma tray for adding essential oil for aroma therapy



    1. Power ON/OFF   2. Night light & Sleep Mode   3. Auto Mode    4. Mist Levels

    360 ° directional mist output


    AUTO mode

    With built-in humidity sensor to regulate room humidity and via 3 different indication light colors to indicate ambient humidity status.


    Comfort Zone Indicator

    Red: <45%RH, TOO DRY, the fan will work on high speed.
    Blue: 45-65%RH, GOOD, the fan will work on middle speed.
    Orange: >65%RH, OK, the fan will work on low speed.


    1. Mist Nozzle  2. Top Cover  3. Tank   4. Base   5. Control Button

    product-description18Unit: mm

    Parameter & Packing Details

    Product name Ultrasonic Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier
    Model CF-2036T
    Dimension 188*188*243mm
    Water capacity 3L
    Mist output

    (Testing condition:21℃, 30%RH)

    Power AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Mist height ≥ 60cm
    Operation noise ≤30dB
    Safety protection Empty reservoir warning and switches off automatically
    Loading q’ty 20FCL: 2080pcs, 40'GP: 4160pcs, 40'HQ: 4680pcs


    A humidifier maintains a level of moisture in the room area. Moisture is needed more in dry climates and when the heat is turned on in the fall and wintertime. People tend to have more issues when it is dry and that can cause concerns with skin dryness, and bacterial and viral problems triggered because of ambient air dryness.

    Many people use a humidifier for treating the symptoms of colds, flu, and sinus congestion.

    The TWO Revolutionary Benefits Offered By Top Fill Humidifier

    Such a top fill humidifier comes with many great features and benefits as mentioned 2 main points below:

    Easy to fill tank with top fill direct pour feature which eliminates the need to lift weighty water tanks.

    Easy to clean with detachable top cover, free access each area which contacts with water, it makes you never worry germ growth and cleaning difficulty any more.


    Specialized for optimum solution for healthy and comfortable indoor climate

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