Cf-9010 aromatherapy machine makes you feel fragrant at any time.

With the progress of society, modern people have a higher pursuit of quality of life. Many people will buy some aromatherapy products and put them at home, especially for those workers with high work pressure and poor sleep quality. A good aromatherapy can really help you take off your fatigue. Recently I saw an aromatherapy machine, which feels very good. I would like to recommend it to you.
The shape of this cf-9010 aromatherapy machine is a vase, just like a piece of art, which is suitable wherever it is placed. In addition, the combination of white and wood grain gives people a feeling of peace and tranquility, such as the distant sky and forest, as well as the distant ocean and island. This color matching really makes people feel comfortable without conflict.

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Let’s introduce how to use this cf-9010 aromatherapy machine.
The use method is very simple. Open the shell and the water tank cover, add water to the water tank (do not exceed the maximum water level), then add an appropriate amount of essential oil to the water tank (not recommended to add too much), and cover the water tank cover.


Cf-9010 is an excellent aromatherapy machine. We can learn about its functions

(1) Fragrance retention
Because the cf-9010 aromatherapy machine has a large capacity water tank, which can ensure the integration of essential oil and water, and can last for up to 10 hours. Don’t worry, because of volatilization, there will be no trouble of fragrance soon.


(2) Water holding capacity
This aromatherapy machine has a large capacity of 180ml and can be used for up to 9 hours. It can take care of you all night.


(3) Security
This cf-9010 aromatherapy machine will automatically cut off power when the water tank is short of water, so it can be used safely.

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(4) Mute experience
The function of the aromatherapy machine itself is to help sleep or adjust the atmosphere. The sound conference destroys a good atmosphere. The sound of cf-9010 aromatherapy machine is ≤ 30dB. Maybe you have no idea about this number. We can compare the noise of air conditioning operation ≤ 39db. In this way, we can know that this aromatherapy machine almost achieves the mute experience, which is due to its excellent structural design to reduce the running noise.

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In addition, the cf-9010 aromatherapy machine also has a colorful atmosphere lamp, which allows you to choose your favorite color or color change mode, with 7 colors switching. Once you open the full atmosphere, you will feel better when you are in it.


The aromatherapy machine can eliminate all kinds of peculiar smell and smoke, reduce harmful gases and purify the air. The aromatherapy machine can slightly increase the indoor air humidity while producing fragrance, so that the indoor dry air can be improved and people’s comfort is better. In addition, when working indoors for a long time, people will feel tired and sleepy, and the faint fragrance of the aromatherapy machine can make people pay more attention and improve work efficiency.


Cf-9010 aromatherapy machine is really a very useful small appliance, which is very suitable for adjusting the environment of the room. With different types of essential oils, it is suitable for both sleeping and self-cultivation at ordinary times. In addition, cf-9010 aromatherapy machine also has an atmosphere lamp design, which makes it more artistic conception to use at night. Turning on the cf-9010 aromatherapy machine before going to bed can easily create a comfortable and quiet environment, reduce irritability and go to sleep faster.

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Post time: Aug-17-2022